Sunday Scaries? Here’s a Sunday Routine That Will Help Kickstart Your Week!


Are there times when youfeel really overwhelmed with emotions of fear and dread at the thought ofresuming work on Monday? If so, know that you’re not alone. 


Sunday anxiety or“Sunday Scaries”, as it’s more popularly known, is pretty common. Based on arecent survey done by LinkedIn, it affects a whopping80% of workplace professionals. 


As much as you’d wantto, you can’t make your weekend last any longer or get rid of Sundayaltogether. But, the following tips can help you come up with a killer routineto overcome your Sunday scaries.


Maintain a constant sleep-wake cycle

For many, their wake andsleeping times during weekdays differ from those of the weekend. But this couldbe making the situation worse, as it requires you to make a considerabletransition on Sunday nights. 


Think of it this way, ifyou woke up at the same time everyday, you wouldn’t have to make anyadjustments on Sunday, and this would reduce the anxiety you feel then. 


Moreover, scientific evidence shows that individuals who follow a strict sleep and wake schedule are more content with their lives. 


Create a schedule for your upcoming week

Another thing that canhelp minimize the worry is creating a Monday to-do list, which we recommenddoing on Friday evening. 


At the end of yourworkday on Friday, spare a couple of minutes to write down the most importanttasks you need to tackle on Monday. This way, you won’t have to think aboutthese issues on a Sunday night, which can exacerbate your worry. 


Treat yourself the following day

When you start gettingovercome with worry, shift your train of thought to things you can look forwardto on Monday. 


Do you plan to startreading a new book or listen to an episode of your go-to podcast for your usualbus commute? Then this is what you should focus on. The activity can be assimple as getting a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. 


Look for a support buddy

Having a solid supportsystem is another thing that can help you overcome those Sunday worries. 


Call an ally to touchbase, and express how you’re feeling. Talking about your emotions will leaveyou feeling much better. 


If finding a supportbuddy is a little difficult, you can act as your own support system. Simplyspare a few minutes to reflect on self-care tips that work for you. 


For instance, doestaking a long warm bath help you feel more relaxed? Or perhaps, cooking yourfavorite dish can get you in your own zone and tune out all that anxiety you’refeeling. 


Brainstorm tactics to tackle imminent problems

If your anxiety is beingcaused by one specific task that you need to tackle, then you probably won’tstop being anxious until you’ve resolved it. 


But rather than worrynon-stop about the issue, brainstorm possible solutions. Take a piece of paper,and note down the issue. Next, create a list of 5 or more solutions that canhelp you solve it. 


Let’s say you have achallenging and time-consuming project coming up next week. Divide the projectinto three different categories as follows: 

  • Things     you have to do immediately
  • Things     that can wait a while
  • Things     that you can delegate or ask a colleague to help you


If it’s a really taxing problem that you can’t handle by yourself, embrace the fact that you need an extra hand. Remember, you don’t have to do everything on your own. So one thing that can put you at ease is jotting down the names of workmates who can help you with the project. 


The takeaway

Sunday scaries cause a great deal of worry and discomfort. But they aren’t necessarily something that warrants making drastic changes to your life. There are a ton of professionals who experience these worries, so you’re not alone. 


Instead of focusing on your anxiety, aim to create a kick ass Sunday routine that will eliminate theses caries altogether.