Pay, get discounts & return - all in one powerful tap.

Goji makes your shopping experience seamless. Checking out, applying discount codes, returning orders, are all now only a tap away. Say hello to your last shopping assistant.

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Lighting Fast Checkout

Never go looking for your payment card or fill out a form again.

Automatic Discounts

Goji scowers the internet and automatically applies any available discount codes to your order.

Super Easy Returns

Return any order in just a couple taps. No need to look up your order, Goji organizes all your orders conveniently for you.


Shop as you normally do. Goji will pop up automatically at checkout. One tap and your order is on it’s way. Never fill out a form again.

Automatic Discounts

Anytime you checkout with Goji, Goji  searches for the best possible discount code and automatically applies it so that you know you’re getting the best deal.


Never look for your order number or search for the return page again. Return any order directly in the app in just a couple taps.

All of this and more, conveniently located in

One single app

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Is Goji Free?


Goji is 100% free!

How does Goji work?


Goji is an extension for your phone. Once you install the app, Goji will pop up automatically when you’re checking out. When you confirm your order, Goji will automatically apply the best discount code available to make sure you get the best deal. All your orders are shown in the app. In just a couple of taps you can return any item from any store.

How does Goji make money?


Goji makes your shopping experience so much easier, retailers value that and pay us a commission. Goji is 100% free to use for you.

Will you sell my data?


Goji will never sell your data to any third party. Ever.

What stores does Goji work?


Goji works at hundreds of stores and we're adding more every single day. If you want to find a list of stores where Goji works, click here.

Does Goji work on my computer?


Currently, Goji only works on iPhone but we're working to bring it to all platforms!

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