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Shoppers don't trust fake reviews, they trust their friends. Connect your shoppers to friends who have already bought your products and increase your conversions in under 5 minutes.

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E-commerce is harder than ever. Ads are not targeting like they used to and competition is fierce. Getting new shoppers to your store is hard enough, but converting them "forget about it". How do you differentiate your products from the thousands of fraudulent products out there. You need to build trust, and the fastest way to do that is by connecting new shoppers with existing ones.

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The best thing for a brand is for their customers and future customers to talk about them. Goji starts the conversation that ends in an order confirmation.

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Job Description

As a Software Engineer you will: Participate in the full development life cycle, including design, coding, testing, and release. Actively participate in system architecture discussions and technical design reviews to ensure the scalability, reliability, and security of the systems. Enforce clean code and excellent coding practices by conducting thoughtful code reviewsWork closely with development team in an agile environment. Drive innovation through rapid prototyping and iterative development. Participate in pair programming in the delivery of both POC and targeted features.

Product Manager
Job Description

Lead execution of product development activities, ensuring successful implementation and launch of high-quality features In your day-to-day role you will: Work closely with engineering, design, marketing, and data partners to lead the end-to-end success of projects from discovery to launch Gather requirements for feature development, leading prioritization accordingly; assess tradeoffs and determine expected return on investment. Use A/B Testing, analytics, market research, usability studies, and competitive analysis to drive decision making Highly impact driven with insatiable curiosity for how we could be better

Brand Marketing Manager
Job Description

Develop a deep understanding of our brand health, consumer personas, mindsets, attitudes, values and behaviors across Dave’s audiences and productsIntegrate customer insights and relevant brand trends into our brand strategy and creative outputLead brand strategy development and associated artifacts to anchor our brand in the market, and inform brand activation throughout the customer journey across branded touch pointsPartner with external agencies, to define communication plans, briefs, message strategy, and frameworks to guide differentiated storytellingDevelop and execute end-to-end brand campaigns and/or activations; craft strategic briefs that inspire brand-defining work (campaigns + partnerships)Track and report how our brand performs and present insights and recommendations to improve brand healthAnalyze, monitor and report on the competitive landscape to determine where our brand and products fit over time, where to target consumers and how to have the greatest impact for our brand and businessInfluence and inspire the creative process by working well with creative teams and being a welcomed voice