Everyday Basics: Everlane, Gap, Revolve, Bandier


This scene is all-too familiar. You’re standing in front of your closet that’s filled with a ton of outfits, yet you can’t find anything suitable to wear. 


Your arms are constantly tired from lugging around shopping bags filled with clothes, all your hangers are taken with suits and dresses. But for some reason, there just isn’t any outfit that you feel comfortable wearing.


For the majority of those “I-have-nothing-to-wear” instances, you often go for the basics. A plain white tee that’s easy to dress up or down. Those pants that fit snugly like a glove or the custom-made blazer that gives out the impression that your outfit is well thought of. 


Considering how these everyday basics save the day every so often, it makes sense to stock up on these outfits. So here’s a list of five top-rated retailers that sell everyday wear.



There’s no question that Everlane is one of the leading brands when it comes to the direct-to-consumer niche. 


Their site has a continually-increasing collection of updated staples. Everlane’s line of outfits strike the perfect balance between comfort, aesthetics and function. 


Given all these positive traits, one must begin to wonder how the brand came about. Well, it was established back in 2010 by co-founders Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer.Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the firm strives to be transparent and to provide consumers with fashion pieces that are stylish, affordable and long-lasting. 



If you’re looking for a place where you can shop clothes for all age-groups, Gap is the go-to brand. 


The company sells clothes for men, women, teens, girls, boys, toddlers, and even babies. They also have a section for maternity wear and jeans. 


Gap, which was started back in 1969, has grown to become a force to be reckoned with in the everyday wear niche. 


In addition to their wide selection of garments, another aspect that makes Gap so popular entails affordability. Nearly every item in their store is discounted, making it possible even for those shoppers on a shoestring budget to find something they like. 



Revolve is a renowned fashion retailer that is based purely online. They sell all kinds of apparel-from jumpsuits to dresses, activewear, denim, loungewear and much more.


Moreover, the clothing firm has also ventured into shoes, beauty products, accessories and designer-made products. So if you’re the type of shopper who prefers to buy items from popular designers, you’ll have a ton of options to pick from. 


The quality of products sold by Revolve truly speaks for itself. This explains why it’s amassed a following of more than 4.8 million on its primary Instagram account alone.  


One strategy that has worked so well for this retailer is its ability to cultivate relationships with numerous influencers. The influencers, on their part, have a lot of freedom.For instance, they get to choose between using cash or credit to buy Revolve merchandise or items of clothing, which they then advertise on their social media. 



Bandier is another well-recognized online retailer. But unlike the others we’ve reviewed, this one specializes in luxury athletic and athleisure wear. 


On their website, the firm promises its customers premium quality clothing and accessories. Their products are categorized into: new arrivals, bottoms, tops, sweats, shoes, bras, accessories, kits and designers. 


Bandier is particularly proud of its “All Access” line of products, which they claim takes your activewear to another level. Based on reviews, the All Access clothing items are as good as advertised. 


Wrap Up

While you’ll always have a few trendy outfits in your wardrobe, the everyday basics will always be more in number. This makes finding the best retailer for these basic essentials important. 


There are a few trusted retailers that you can never go wrong with. These include Everlane, Gap,Revolve and Bandier. 


Keep in mind that they all have very diversified portfolios. For instance, Gap caters to pregnant women and babies while Bandier is particularly popular for their luxury athletic wear. So start by figuring out what sort of clothes you like then find a retailer that addresses your needs.